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Tracy Thibodeau

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Tracy Thibodeau serves as an Executive Coach at SaaS Academy, leveraging over 14 years of leadership experience in leading high-performing teams and orchestrating projects within a $70 million SaaS ecosystem.  As the Fractional COO of a B2B SaaS startup, Tracy continues to stay connected to the day-to-day work of growing and scaling a SaaS business.
 Through a career spanning startups and established enterprises, Tracy has steered strategic partnerships with the biggest brands on the planet, leveraging her passion for technology and people management to drive growth and operational excellence. She started her first company in 2001 with fourteen employees and later stepped into senior leadership roles in a multi-million dollar SaaS ecosystem where she was responsible for leading change and developing high performing teams.
Key Accomplishments
  • Implemented the systems and training to scale a SaaS ecosystem to $70 million with 500+ employees
  • Implemented B2B SaaS Ecommerce Integration with one of the Top 5 Brands in the world
  • Developed and delivered Leadership development program to scale leadership for growing enterprise
Certifications and Education
  • B. Admin, with Distinction (Marketing & Human Resources) University of Regina
  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach, Erickson Coaching International
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
  • Certified Group Coach Practitioner, Certified Coaches Federation
  • Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Coaches Federation
  • Certified ProSocial Facilitator, ProSocial World
Fun Fact
Tracy lives in the Middle of Nowhere, Canada, where her and her husband host music festivals on their 80-acre property.
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Vinay Nair

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Meet Vinay Nair, Executive Coach at SaaS Academy. For over twenty years, Vinay has helped founders drive their business growth. His expertise spans GTM strategy and leadership.

Key Accomplishments:
  • GTM Leadership: Held impactful roles at SaaS giants like IBM and Microsoft, shaping cloud business models, and launched Microsoft Azure to the market!
  • CMO Success: Doubled revenue in two Post-Series A scaleups, leading to strategic acquisitions in less than 5 years.
  • Incubator Influence: As an Executive in Residence, Vinay mentors top Canadian startup incubators and accelerators.
Certifications and Education:
  • Royal Roads Executive Coaching Certificate
  • BA and MA in International Affairs, Economics, Business
  • Specialized Executive Education from INSEAD, Columbia, and Northwestern
Fun Fact
Before tech, Vinay studied Criminology and was selected by the RCMP (the Mounties) for their Student Cadet program.
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Marcella Chamorro

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Meet Marcella, Executive Coach at SaaS Academy with 13 years of experience as founder, marketer, and coach empowering growth within SaaS teams.

Having navigated the SaaS industry as both founder and early team member, her previous roles extended to operations, talent acquisition, and cultivating people-first cultures.

Leveraging her deep understanding of the unique pressures and dynamics faced by SaaS teams, Marcella’s coaching provides tools and insights to drive growth for founders and their teams.

Key Accomplishments

  • Created and led marketing function for venture-backed SaaS company, contributing to 230% revenue growth within 12 months
  • Developed leadership and communications course, empowering leaders to foster business growth through difficult conversations
  • Hosted a podcast interviewing esteemed founders, operators, and authors (including James Clear of Atomic Habits)
  • Coached leaders at companies like Lyft, LinkedIn, DoorDash, Ro, FICO, and sports teams like LA Galaxy and LA Kings

Certifications and Education

  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Mental Health Coach, iNLP Center
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner, iNLP Center
  • Master in International Management (Specialization in Digital Business), IE Business School
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Boston College

Fun Fact
Marcella’s bookshelves are overflowing with resources on mental health and psychology.


Julien Marzouk

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Meet Julien, an Executive Coach at SaaS Academy with over two decades of experience driving business growth for founders.
Specializing in GTM strategy, marketing, and leadership, he has honed his expertise at top consulting firms such as Advention (a Bain Consulting spin-off) and Lazare Consulting.
Julien is also a co-founder of Kinesis Partners, a New York-based growth strategy practice recognized as a go-to player for any European SaaS companies seeking rapid growth in the US.

Key Accomplishments
  • Guided 50+ SaaS businesses to successful expansion and scaling in the US, including Viseo, Aristid, Wiztrust, Soladis and Insideboard, which grew from $1M to $10M during his tenure.
  • Advised notable US scale-ups like CB Insights, Tia, Alerzo, Affinipay, and Drawbridge on leadership, team optimization, strategic planning, and growth strategies.
  • Provided critical insights to leading private equity investment funds (First Reserve, APAX Partners, Sagard Capital) on M&A decisions for over 20 target companies across industries.
Certifications & Education
  • Certified Professional Executive Coach, Columbia University
  • Certified Clarity Coach (Talentism, a Bridgewater Associates spin-off)
  • Certified ILF Coach (Bluecase Strategic Partners)
  • MBA in Corporate Strategy, NBS & Bocconi University
Fun Fact
Beyond the boardroom, Julien enjoys climbing local peaks like the Gunks and Mount Beacon.

Ryan Engley

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Ryan is an accomplished executive coach with 13 years experience leading through startup, scale up, and acquisition in high-growth SaaS.
In roles including SVP, Customer Success, and VP, Product Marketing, Ryan was pivotal in scaling Unbounce to $37M in revenue and 250 employees distributed around the world.
Since 2022, Ryan has coached 100+ leaders and SaaS founders to grow their startups and themselves.
Key Accomplishments
  • Scaled Unbounce’s revenue from $1M to $37M
  • Grew his CS Team’s portfolio revenue from 14% to 27% of business revenue in 18 months
  • Scaled his team from 1 (himself) to 68 people distributed across North America and Europe
  • Maintained industry leading team engagement scores of 80+ through scale
Certifications and Education
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Executive Coach, Hudson Institute of Coaching
  • Product Marketing Certification Level III, Pragmatic Marketing Institute
  • B. Ed., with Distinction, University of Alberta
Fun Fact
Ryan is a trained yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner who once spent a month in Bali, practicing daily at 5am in a beach side hut.

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Iren (Ren) Frasheri

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Ren is excited to be supporting and encouraging clients towards their goals. With a background in Social Work and in Holistic Nutrition, both have helped her gain an in-depth understanding on the importance of communication, accountability, and uplifting others for continued growth. The key is to have clarity on your reason(s) “why” you’re doing what you’re doing, and using that as a driver to keep pushing forward. She’s here to hear you out and root for you so that you crush your goals! 

On a personal note, Ren loves being active outdoors, enjoying good food with great company, and catching a sunset whenever they come out during those too-short Canadian summers!


Amber Kohli

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After graduating with two degrees in Health Sciences and Nursing, Amber has worked as a Nurse and as a Client Facing Account Assistant. In both fields she became the go to person for any client needs. She loves to go above and beyond with her team management, customer service and critical thinking skills. She enjoys a fast paced day and a neat and tidy to do list.

Amber is absolutely thrilled to have landed a spot on the SaaS Academy team where she can thrive, grow, and bring her skills and abilities to the table to help our clients!

 Fun fact: Amber LOVES to read (4+ books a week) and her favourite after work activity to do is grab a warm coffee and frolic book store aisles until sunset.

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Expert Coaches

Our expert coaches are founders in our community just like you. They have successfully gone through our programs and have joined us to provide insight when you get stuck or need help implementing a framework. 

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Dan Martell
“You can only keep what you give away.” That’s the mantra that’s shaped Dan from a troubled 17 year old into an award-winning serial entrepreneur and investor that builds multi-million dollar Software as a Service companies. On top of being an angel investor for companies like Intercom, Udemy, Hootsuite, Unbounce, and continuing to partner with emerging SaaS businesses, Dan is your Growth Coach inside SaaS Academy. An activator, tech geek, adrenaline junkie and, yes, a romantic (ask his wife Renee), Dan loves to spend time outdoors doing extreme sports, giving back to the community by mentoring troubled teens, and connecting with SaaS founders from all around the world. Come to Dan’s monthly call for epic unlocks that will teach you to scale exponentially!
Marcel Petitpas
A disciplined entrepreneur, Marcel has created and scaled up multi-year events and will help you and your team find your focus and your hook. With over 400 coaching calls for SaaS Academy members under his belt, Marcel's monthly call will help you get clear on your sales or marketing strategy, website copy, and positioning. Marcel is Fractional COO at Gold Front, a San Francisco-based marketing agency that works with brands like Uber, Nike, and Google. He also runs his own SaaS company called Parakeeto (Dan is on the board of directors) helping marketing agencies run more profitably and has acquired his expertise in Sales, Marketing and Account Management working for companies like Apple.
Vanessa Roberts
Vanessa will help you build a bigger, better and more valuable company - that is easier (and more fun) to run. She is the CEO and Founder of SOMOS, a marketplace that connects farmers to consumers, and consumers to safer, more effective products. Vanessa has bootstrapped, scaled and sold companies in the US, Argentina, and Brazil as well as led two turnarounds. She is obsessed with growing companies and wants to help you grow yours.
Shahab Kaviani
Shahab has founded 3 SaaS companies over a 20-year period, leading to multiple exits including CoFoundersLab where he served as CEO, helping to grow the community to over 500,000 entrepreneurs globally. Shahab currently coaches in the Boardroom, SaaS Academy, and Growth Accelerator programs. In addition, he serves as a faculty adviser at UPenn’s Entrepreneurship Masters program, and Head Coach at Tandem Growth Studio. Shahab combines decades of experience to help founders build their leadership teams, implement partnership programs, and improve their focus and attention. Favourite Quote: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” - Harry S. Truman
Joel Smith
This passionate researcher will help you discover how to influence your customers through the humanity of the product. By identifying the variables in your customers’ lives and why your product matters, Joel helps product leaders humanize their product with empathy and incredible results. Joel is the cofounder of Design on Tap and has over a decade and a half of experience in user/customer research, user experience design, feature exploration and prototyping, persona development, product redesign and more. Joel is ready to help your product exceed expectations. Be ready to show him your product and design!
Dan McGuire
Dan has over 20 years experience founding, leading and successfully exiting SaaS companies. He's also an angel investor, board advisor and non-executive director with active involvement in several businesses. He loves to help SaaS founders build the foundations, processes and infrastructure they need to scale their businesses, and ultimately prepare for and execute a successful exit. Helping them navigate the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the thrills of scaling a SaaS business is a particular passion for Dan. Fun fact: Outside of work Dan loves to travel, stay fit and take his 2 year old daughter to baby ballet (he's a terrible dancer but she's pretty good). He is also a huge fan of soccer and NFL.
Kyle (2)
Kyle Vamvouris
Kyle Vamvouris is a highly regarded B2B Growth expert, author, and founder of Vouris. With a focus on data-driven strategies, Kyle specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies improve sales results and build repeatable processes. As the author of "Cold to Committed," "The Sales Development Framework," and "16 Steps to Repeatable Sales," Kyle's books are essential resources for enhancing sales performance. Having worked hands-on with 70+ B2B SaaS companies, he provides actionable insights and expertise. Additionally, Kyle has trained over 1000 sales reps, equipping them with skills to succeed in today's competitive environment.

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