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Go “all in” on growing your SaaS Business!

If you’ve achieved initial traction, we can help you scale up to record-breaking MRR faster.

In 2021, we helped 800+ ambitious SaaS Founders achieve critical growth and... 

  • Drop their churn rate by 32% 
  • Increase customer acquisition by 57%
  • Multiply conversion rate by 9x
  • Blast beyond their yearly goals

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During the Growth Session we will:  

  • Examine your current situation to see what is (not) working
  • Identify your growth possibilities in the next 6-12 months
  • Uncover the #1 thing holding you and your business back
  • Develop a Growth Action Plan that will get you business results

If you want to hit your goals faster just fill out the application form above to book a 45-minute Growth Session with my Scale Specialist

Matt grew revenue by 250% and doubled his team

Matt Verlaque, Co-Founder / CEO, Uplaunch.com

“Other SaaS founders should join SaaS Academy if they’re looking for systems to plug into that you know will work and if they’re looking for a really supportive community of other people who are on the same journey. The group of other founders that I’ve met at SaaS Academy has turned into partnership opportunities, it’s into collaborative discussions, it’s turned into people who are running businesses 10 times as large as mine that are amazing sounding boards for what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.”

Chris has 3x his business in 8 months and added 12 staff members to his team

Chris Ronzio, Founder / CEO, Trainual.com

“I’ve been in SaaS Academy for eight months now and in just that short time, working with Dan and the whole team here at SaaS Academy, my business has literally tripled. We’ve added 12 employees, and I really couldn’t do it without Dan’s support and everyone here in this room.”

Trevor added over half a million in new ARR

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch, Founder / CEO, Carrot.com

"Over the 14 months we've worked with Dan, we've added over half a million in new ARR. That would not have happened without Dan's strategies and coaching." 


David’s business grew 280% within 6 months of joining SaaS Academy

David Lecko, Co-Founder / CEO, DealMachine

"Dan has helped us scale 8x by telling us what to focus our time on. Coaching with Dan had a 4x ROI in less than 2 months! We reduced our churn by 38% by implementing Dan's Customer Success Planner™ process."


Liam went from working 12 hr/day to 6 hr/day and his business has 3X

Liam Martin, Co-Founder, TimeDoctor.com

"We finally transitioning from Founder-led sales to Scaled-selling...and victory! Our sales rep closed her first deal ($18k ARR) within 2 weeks and I had ZERO involvement. Getting coached by Dan and being part of SaaS Academy is what made it all come together!"


Chris increased his company's MRR by 10 - 20% each month since joining SaaS Academy

Chris Brisson, Founder / CEO, SalesMessage.com

“Since the last SaaS Academy, or really since joining, we came into this with, I think, we were at six or seven employees, now we’re at 12, we’re going to be hiring three or four. The company month over month is growing between 10% and 20% and that’s MRR growth, then we have one time revenue that’s growing. And so, all in all, we just see this nice chart going up, which is exciting because now there’s momentum with the team. There’s momentum with me, there’s momentum with all these new people that we’re bringing into it. And it’s allowed us to take a little bit more risk versus we’re flat. We don’t know where we’re going and it’s been great.”


Matt’s company saw 10x ROI from investing in the SaaS Academy program

Matt Prados, CEO, Reviewwave.com

“And I would say, it easily has allowed us to get to where we are today, which I’d say probably without SaaS Academy, we’d be a number of months behind which in this particular growth pattern we’re in, it would be significant. So, I think it probably easily added 20 to 30% of our success. And I mean, the return on investment for it, we’ve easily made 10x what we’ve invested, and we’ve only really been in the program since earlier this year. So, we’re like nine months in and already have a significant appreciation and implementation that shows that we really feel good about the investment.”


In less than 4 months Andrew’s company has grown an extra 50k MRR

Andrew Pawlak, Co-Founder / CEO, LeadPops.com

“When we joined, we were at about 150K MRR, we’re about to hit 200K MRR. I’ve been in a part of this for what, less than four months. So that’s pretty significant growth just in the last few months of being part of this. I can definitely attribute some of the partnership calls that I’ve had already, and just the way I navigate the last call that helped us really land the biggest partnership to date, I talked differently than I would have, and that was based on training. “


Adrian nearly doubled his ARR to $2 million in 1 year

Adrian Dayton, Founder & CEO, ClearView Social

“So I’ve been in SaaS Academy just over a year, and in this year we’ve had pretty tremendous growth. Our team’s grown from about 10 people to 16 people. We grew from 1.3 million a year in recurring revenue in just over a year to over $2M in recurring revenue.


After 18 months Claudia’s business is at 120k MRR - a 12x growth

Claudia King, Founder & CEO, Automio

“So when we joined SaaS Academy, we were at 10K MRR, and we’ve been in for about 18 months now. And we’re 120K MRR. So it’s 12x. Yeah, we’ve grown 12x in that time.”



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  • And paying customers
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  • You’re comfortable with your current growth path or aren’t committed to scaling to the next level